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Each day we enjoy the beautiful work that you and your team did for us last winter. Please also send our warm wishes and regards to Dave, Bobby, Lamont, and the entire crew! 
You guys did such a wonderful job with our house, and we will definitely call you for future projects.

Hi Scott,
We love the job you guys did on our kitchen project and shower renovation and we will look forward to working with you in the not-to-distant future. Take care and have a good winter.

The place is fantastic!
Today is our first day in the new place. You two have done an absolutely phenomenal job and Cat and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I deal with Scott Mario. He is in process, and will start working again, once the weather improves. They are very clean, very well organized, very low impact on homeowner. I have another set of projects for him for next year already.
Description of work:
We used S.L. Mario construction. He did work on the basement, and he is rebuilding the porch to a sun porch.

To Scott, a skilled professional and all-around nice guy, with thanks for taking such good care of our existing home and expanding it with such attention to detail. It was great working with you!

Thanks to you and your crew for a job well done. I’ll be happy to recommend you to friends and neighbors.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We’re impressed with how well you work with all of your subs! Keep up your cheerful attitude and you’ll be inside with the fun stuff before long!

Thanks for everything, Scott – we are really enjoying our new home and appreciate your fine work and continued responsiveness.

Please add us to your reference list – you know how highly we think of you and your work.

Scott Mario is a true “find”.  He is a pleasure to work with. He is reliable, methodical, versatile, courteous, pleasant, competent and a problem-solver. His team is terrific, and very concerned about neatness as well as quality. His prices are fair, and he is honest. There seems to be no problem too tricky or complex for Scott and his team to undertake. He is a true professional, and the people that he has work for him are also excellent. I have now seen a wide range of  their work  (in fact, I kept expanding the job because I saw how versatile his team was and I saw that he could handle all the things that I had put off doing for a while because I didn’t know of someone who could handle them). I have confidence in his ability to manage a variety of projects, and I recommend him without hesitation. 

Description of work:

Scott handled a wide variety of projects for me and my husband over several months, including replacing a large custom-made window in our dining room that was so big that it literally took about 5 people to handle, replaced a bathroom window with a custom-made window, tore down kitchen backsplash tile and replaced it, boxed in a pipe in a hall and created an aesthetically pleasing cover, replaced ornamentation on a mantel, corrected a scupper to allow more access for water to leave a flat roof, solved a leaky ceiling problem, lengthened a vent pipe to prevent recurrence of snow entering the ceiling from the roof (causing water stains), analyzed and solved a leaking triple window problem that required replacing rotting wood with Azec, sealing all the brick on the back of my house, and on and on and on.  
All of the work, except for the triple window problem, was performed on my home. The triple window problem was handled at another property an hour and a half away that he was willing to work on and I felt it was worth the extra cost of the travel because he and his team are so reliable.  

We can’t thank you enough for the care you took and the great job you all did. The room looks great and we will recommend you without hesitation.

We appreciate all your hard work and attention to detail. You are always so respectful of our needs and privacy; it’s a pleasure to have you and your crew around our home. Keep up your pleasant moods!

It came out beautifully – you did a great job. Thank you.

For any of you in need of a great residential/light commercial contractor, I can recommend S.L. Mario Construction. They came highly recommended to me several years ago, and I add my endorsement as well. The owner is Scott Mario and it is a family enterprise. Even if you are looking for a particular subcontractor, they can be helpful. They are very conscientious, efficient, and detail oriented, as well as being sensitive to the client’s needs and the architect’s demands. They will do renovation, restoration, repair, and new construction. I know this is an unusual notice, but I have a lot of confidence in this outfit.

Scott is highly skilled, easy to work with, stays on the timeline, and gives great attention to quality and detail.

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